What makes My Cuppa Coffee stand out?

Our local coffee shop is a hidden gem tucked away in Montrose, PA. While finding us can sometimes be a treasure hunt, we promise to make it worth your while. Locals and visitors love coming to us because we:

  • Have fun with our guests
  • Only use fresh ingredients
  • Get our coffee beans from local sources

Enjoy a cup of coffee and fresh pastry, complete with a daily dose of sarcastic fun. Don't forget to wash your own dishes on your way out the door.

Just kidding... or are we? You'll have to find out for yourself by visiting us today.

Get Your Coffee Fix

Make our Montrose, PA coffee shop part of your morning routine

You can get a cup of coffee just about anywhere. But are you really happy with a watered-down brew or a flavorless latte? At My Cuppa Coffee, we make sure to prepare each cup to perfection. Our coffee shop is a hidden gem in Montrose, PA. It's a great place to sit down and unplug, chat with friends and maybe even get harassed by the staff. In a fun way.

Start your morning the right way with sarcasm and caffeine. You can also make your coffee a meal by adding a fresh pastry to your order.

See what we're serving today

At My Cuppa Coffee, we're committed to delivering a memorable experience, homemade food and delicious coffee drinks. While we love to have a little harmless fun, we also take pride in each item we serve. Some of our customer favorites are:

Interested in learning how to make pasta from scratch? Sign up for one of our group cooking classes. We welcome groups of up to eight people. Stop in today to learn more.